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Blackburn College’s Office of Institutional Research will be a highly valued strategic partner with its varied constituencies, and valued for:
  • Proactive leadership in promoting a culture of assessment and evaluation;
  • Excellence in providing reliable information for planning and decision-making
  • Timely data collection activities, management, and analysis;
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in the use of innovative approaches and tools.


The Office of Institutional Research plays a leadership role in supporting ongoing assessment, evaluation, budgeting, and planning cycles at Blackburn College. Its goals are to:
  • Act as a clearinghouse for all data collection activities in order to eliminate redundant efforts and assure compliance with applicable state and federal regulations;
  • Review and coordinate research projects undertaken by any unit in the college;
  • Ensure that all research protocols meet applicable standards for the protection of the rights and confidentiality of participants;
  • Collect and analyze data and provide useful, meaningful information to meet the needs of both internal and external constituencies;
  • Support assessment and evaluation activities and promote the use of results for quality enhancement;
  • Interpret, explain, and disseminate information, and make recommendations to internal decision-makers as appropriate;
  • Ensure ready availability, to the college community, of all data collected pertaining to the effectiveness and efficiency of the institution.


Dr. Kristi Nelms, Director – Email


Laura Lyons, (Research Assistant)  – Email
Jordan Range, (Research Assistant) – Email
Jyllyan Trumble, (Research Assistant) – Email