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The Office of Diversity and Inclusion offers many programs and services for students, faculty, and staff with the aim to recruit and retain a multicultural campus environment. Some of these programs and services include:

  • On and off-campus education and social programs, academic advising, international student VISAs and support services, study abroad programs, diversity training, diversity mentoring, advisor to diversity related student clubs, and the recruitment and retention of diverse students
  • Faculty support for diversity in the curriculum efforts, inclusive teaching practices, instructor for diversity courses, and assistance in the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty
  • Employee consultation of diversity-related human resource issues, diversity and inclusion training, and assistance in the recruitment and retention of diverse staff.
  • Coordinates community-based diversity events (ex: MLK Convocation) as well as hosts various community-based diversity initiatives
  • Oversees the creation and implementation of the Gender Inclusive Housing Program to provide a non-traditional housing option open to students regardless of sex or gender identity.
  • Provides Safe Zone Program supportive services to promote the college commitment to non-discrimination based on any campus member’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Jarrod Gray, Director for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, ensures all campus members feel welcome and included at Blackburn College by also serving as the Title IX Coordinator and Student Success Program Coordinator. To learn more about Title IX and Student Success please click on the links.

To inquire further, please email Jarrod Gray.