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Blackburn’s Academic Support Services are largely based in Lumpkin Learning Commons. Staffed primarily by student-tutors, support services provide academic assistance to students of all majors and class standings. Students may walk in for a one-on-one consultation with Learning Commons Coordinator Barbara Clark. The Commons also offers study sessions and the Writer’s Block.

Study Sessions

Peer tutors hold weekly sessions around campus to help students study for specific courses. Students who attend these sessions learn essential strategies for academic success. To view a schedule of tutoring and study sessions for all departments and disciplines, click here.

Writer’s Block

The Writer’s Block is open to any student who needs help writing a paper. Trained writing assistants hold open hours in the Block to organize and sharpen written work. They also facilitate small group workshops.


Explore areas within Lumpkin and Rahme.

Staff Profiles

Meet the people in charge of the Commons.

Student Employment Opportunities

Interested in becoming a tutor or working in the Commons? Learn more about available positions in both departments.