Announcements and Cancellations

Class Cancellations:

Dr. Danker's classes are cancelled today, October 28: PY 230 (Human Development) at 9:30 in HU 306; PY 322 (Intro to Counseling) at 12:30 in HU 106; and, LD 110 (Intro. to Teamwork) at 2 PM in Woodson 100A.

Other Announcements:

Available as both a major and a minor.


  • The language of Spain, Mexico, and many countries in Latin America
  • A study of Latin American culture


  • All students study abroad in either Spain or Ecuador for one semester
  • Spanish enhances every area of study


The Federal Government offers many jobs to people who are bilingual


Spanish-DanceAbout 50 million people are Hispanic in the US

5 Hot Job Outlooks:

  • Editor
  • Government Official
  • Hospital Administrator
  • International Business Manager
  • Travel and Tourism Agent

Faculty Members