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It’s what we do here at Blackburn College. It sounds simple – just three short words – and you may find yourself asking, well isn’t that what everyone does in college?

But you see, at Blackburn College those three words are the very lifeline of our mission, so much so that one of our students wrote a code of honor to help members of our community embrace the depth of each of these concepts — a code which our new students recite during our matriculation ceremony as they begin their journey with us.

At Blackburn College, we LEARN not only in the classroom but also through our work in the Work Program. We learn from each other, students, faculty, work program managers, and staff alike – all contributing to the greater good of the community through the sharing and exchange of knowledge, skills, talents, ideas, and self.

We WORK to meet goals in our academic programs and the goals set forth for each student in our Work Program. We work to approach our social and co-curricular activities with the same integrity as academics and work. We work to improve not only ourselves but the greater college community.

We EARN achievements as students, workers, and members of the community through opportunity, challenge, commitment, and accountability.

LEARN, WORK, EARN – who knew it could mean so much?

College is a journey – it is not only a quest for knowledge, but at Blackburn College, it is also a place for the practical application of knowledge, for exploring big ideas, to learn to solve problems, to evolve and emerge as responsible, productive citizens, who are independent thinkers, leaders, and lifelong learners.

The great philosopher, John Dewey, said, “Education is a social process; education is growth; education is not preparation for life, but life itself.” I’d like to think he would agree with our model at Blackburn College, where our academic programs are grounded in the outstanding experience and expertise of our dedicated faculty, coupled with the opportunities provided by our nationally recognized Work Program — working together to create not only an optimal learning experience but an optimal life experience.

I encourage you to explore our website, call our admissions representatives, come to campus and meet our faculty, staff, and students. Great things await you here so that you can LEARN, WORK, EARN.

All we are missing is YOU!

Kelly Chaney, Ph.D.
Interim Provost