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What is Literature?

  • Texts that reflect truths about human nature
  • Represents the writing produced in a particular country or time period
  • Moves us with its beauty or emotional effect

Core Coursework

  • Surveys in American, British, and global literature
  • Studies in poetry, narrative, and drama
  • Topics in gender, ethnicity, law, leadership, environment, and graphic narratives

On-Campus Opportunities

  • Producing our literary magazine, Vortex
Writing for The ’Burnian, the oldest college newspaper in Illinois
  • Tutoring in the Writer’s Block
Joining Lethologica, our creative writing club

Awards and Prizes

  • Beginning Scholar Award
  • Creative Writing Award
  • Student Journalism Award
  • Stoddard Prize for Literature
  • Talent-Based Scholarships


Our professors are published scholars and members of organizations such as the Modern Language Association and Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship.

Postgraduate Career Opportunities

  • Author
  • Book Citric
  • Educational Program Specialist
  • Literary Agent
  • Manuscript Reader

Faculty Members