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400-Student-BlackburnStudents can major or minor in math, or major in secondary math education. Mathematics prepares students for careers in logistics, operations research, finance, banking, actuarial science, cryptography, engineering, statistic, and of course teaching


Using numbers, logic, and abstraction to study quantity, shapes, patterns, and relationships in science, government, business, and unknown future applications

Why Mathematics?

  • Dual degree engineering program with University of Missouri at Kansas City and Washington University in St. Louis
  • Special track for employment in business, banking, and finance
  • Goes well with dual major or minor in computer science, chemistry, biology, or business/accounting/ economics


Analytical thinking skills are a preparation for graduate school in a number of disciplines


100% job placement for math education graduates in the last 20 years

5 Hot Job Outlooks:

Newspaper Stock Report
  • Actuary
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • Cost Estimator/Analyst
  • Econometrician
  • Investment Banker
  • Risk Analyst

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