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The ONLY Student Managed Work Program in the Country!

What is a Work Program?

Established in 1913, most Blackburn students participate in the Work Program, gaining “hands-on” work, service, and leadership opportunities. The majority of Work Program jobs are on campus and are essential to the day-to-day operations of the campus, its services, and its facilities.


All jobs promote an appreciation for community involvement and encourage individual character development in work ethic, responsibility and accountability.

Participating students work 160 hours per semester, and receive tuition credits ranging from $2,640 to $3,300, depending on their length of time in the program.

With the combination of low tuition cost and tuition credit from the Work Program, students are able to reduce the costs of college and graduate with less debt than many of their peers at other schools.

Work Department Descriptions


Students serve as faculty assistants, lab assistants and tutors across all academic disciplines including the Writing Center, Art Studio, and Graphic Design Lab.


Students provide support for all administrative offices including Business, Financial Aid, Student/Resident Life, Admissions, Records, Development/Alumni Affairs, Public Relations, Office of the President, and Office of Institutional Research. Students serve as office assistants, research assistants, graduation analysts, public relations writers, photographers, bookkeeping assistants, and campus tour guides.


Student jobs include athletic trainers, clerical staff for coaches, and set-up for athletic events and physical education classes, and general cleaning in the facility.


Workers are responsible for excellent customer service while providing text books, supplies, stamps, clothing, and merchandise to the campus and community. The distribution of U.S. and campus mail is also the responsibility of the workers. Auxiliary Services is managed from the bookstore as well, and coordinates rental space for events on campus.


Community & Safety: Students perform duties including radio dispatch, campus patrol and escort, building security including daily lock-up and unlock, issue parking tickets, and manage the campus motor pool and security for campus events. Upperclassmen serve as residence hall directors and residence hall assistants responsible for safety and community programming activities in the six residence halls on campus. Students must be in good standing with the college, and pass a background investigation in order to be eligible to work in some jobs within this department.

Campus Maintenance: Student jobs include carpentry, plumbing/electrical, HVAC, grounds, building maintenance, new construction, recycling, and “set up and tear down” for campus special events. Workers are required to wear “hard sole work boots,” and must furnish their own.

Campus Services: Workers are responsible for cleaning the residence halls including hallways, stairwells, parlors and bathrooms and academic/ administrative buildings including classrooms, hallways and bathrooms.


Students work at the local Carlinville Schools and Head Start Center as teacher aides/tutors, City Library, Catholic Charities, Center for Developmentally Disabled, Beaver Dam State Park, County Public Health Department, Alternative Education Center, We Care Recycling Center, and with the local Chamber of Commerce and Food Pantry. Students also staff the college’s Office of Volunteer Services, which recruits volunteers for service projects of a “one-time” nature, including activities of the Campus Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Students must be in good standing with the college, and agree to and pass a background investigation in order to be eligible to work in some jobs within this department.


Food Services: This department provides staffing for the kitchen and dining hall, and for any college related banquets or catering. Student workers are involved in meal preparation and service, and sanitation for the entire facility.

Snack Bar: Student workers prepare food, serve customers, and perform cleaning and sanitation work. The work can be fast-paced and fun


Student workers are engaged in a variety of tasks including; circulation, bookkeeping, periodicals, archives, inter-library loan, audio visual, book mending, library technology, and maintenance of the facility.


Students provide supervision and support for people using the Computer Center and staff the “help desk” providing technical support over the phone and on site. They also work as support technicians maintaining and supporting the computer equipment around campus, and staff the data center providing support for the campus network and servers.