Not sure if you can afford to go away to college? Worried about the amount of debt you might have when you graduate? You can get four years of free tuition at Blackburn College — that’s the Macoupin Promise.

Am I Eligible?

If you’re a Macoupin County graduate, Blackburn will cover tuition for up to four years for all qualified. It’s built into the mission and values of Blackburn, and represents our commitment to lifting up families and communities by ensuring a life-changing college education is within reach.

Qualifying is easy! You need to:

  • Graduate from a high school in Macoupin County (IL)
  • Submit your FAFSA (Blackburn’s School Code: 001639)
  • Have a household income of less than $60,000
  • Be a part of Blackburn’s one-of-a-kind student-led Work Program
  • Meet Blackburn College admission requirements

That’s it — a four-year degree tuition-free! Already start at another college but want to move closer to home? The Macoupin Promise applies to transfers, too!

How Do I Apply?

The application is always free (no waiver needed). DON’T DELAY — debt-free college is possible. Start your journey with Blackburn College and apply while funding is still available.

Macoupin Promise FAQ

Veterans Onward will address five key areas: Self-in-Context, Health, Education, Career, and Reintegration.

You’ll also get

  • VA-certified sponsors mentor participants and connect you with appropriate resources
  • Tailored action plans that support you throughout your post-training life
  • Civic and service activities to help integrate into civilian communities
  • A data-informed analytic approach with predictive indicators of successful transitions

There will be dedicated housing on Blackburn’s campus for the transitioning service members participating in the Veterans Onward program.

Absolutely! You can visit the online bookstore for all your Blackburn branded apparel needs!

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No, the funds were donated to help Blackburn students through challenging times, so there is no need to pay the funds back. However, to share our gratitude, recipients are asked to write a short, anonymous note of thanks to the donors for their act of generosity. We also encourage recipients to remember this act of generosity and, when they can afford to do so, pay it forward to the next generation of Blackburn students.

After receiving the application, the dean of students will reach out to meet with the applicant to discuss the request. The dean of students will maintain confidentiality to the greatest extent possible. If the request is granted, the recipient will be issued the funding and typically be asked to share receipts from the expenses.

Click on the Benevolent Beaver Fund Application to apply for funding.

There may be a restriction placed on the number of times any one student can access these funds; generally, no more than twice in an academic year.

Funding is dependent on the amount of donations that are given to the fund. An individual gift rarely exceeds $600.

Any Blackburn College student who is currently enrolled and attending is eligible to apply.

The fund is intended for unanticipated emergency expenses such as food, transportation, off-campus housing, medical care, and basic necessities. Because this fund is for unanticipated emergencies, it will not be used for tuition, fees, on-campus room and board, and books. Examples of what the fund is used for include: a student needs help paying rent or utilities; a student working in new construction needs a pair of steel-toed work boots in order to work; a student has car problems and needs help with repairs; a student is ill and the medical visit is covered by insurance but a needed prescription is not covered.

Experience Blackburn for Yourself

The application is always free (no waiver needed). DON’T DELAY — debt-free college is possible. Start your journey with Blackburn College and apply while funding is still available.