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    Outstanding Graduate Award

    • Avoids duplication of any other graduation awards. Awards Committee shall attempt to keep this consideration in mind.
    • Given to one or more new graduates.
    • Scholarship is considered.
    • Requires evidence of service and loyalty to the College and community through demonstrated involvement in campus and community organizations and activities.
    • Nominated by fellow students, faculty, or staff of Blackburn College, with the final decision by the Alumni Board and /or Awards Committee.
    • A plaque is awarded.
    • Given at commencement.

    Distinguished Alumni Award

    • Given only once to any one individual.
    • Demonstration of significant contribution(s) to society or profession (such as receipt of national and/or international honors and/or demonstrated leadership).
    • A maximum of one per year may be given.
    • Recipient must be an alumnus/alumna of Blackburn with two years or more attendance or a Blackburn degree.
    • Encourage the recipient to be present (or to send a representative).
    • May be given posthumously if a person is considered and voted upon, but dies before receiving the award.
    • Recipient is nominated by an alumnus/alumna or by the College.
    • Documentation is required.
    • Any person who is to receive an honorary doctorate from Blackburn will not receive the award at the same time but may be considered at a later time at the discretion of the Awards Committee.
    • A plaque is awarded.
    • Given at commencement.

    Alumni Achievement Award

    • Given for a significant achievement in personal or public career.
    • Given to one or more alumni with a minimum of two years of attendance or a Blackburn degree.
    • Nominated by an alumnus/alumna of the College and documentation required.
    • Can be repeated for another accomplishment.
    • The person who receives this award more than once is a logical choice for the Distinguished Alumni Award.
    • A plaque is awarded.
    • Given at homecoming.

    The Harold and Elizabeth Ziegler Service Award

    • Given to individual who has rendered loyal volunteer service to Blackburn during the past year.
    • Number of awards is at the discretion of the Awards Committee and/or Alumni Board.
    • A laminated certificate of appreciation is given.
    • Given at Homecoming. May also be given at other occasions throughout the year as determined by the committee. However, care should be taken not to give too many in any one year lest the significance of the award be diminished.

    Gideon Blackburn Award

    • Given to an alumnus/alumna or non-alumnus/alumna (normally only one give a year).
    • Given to an individual who has rendered valuable service to the College in terms of time, money, influence, service, etc.
    • Keeps alive the memory of Dr. Blackburn and the period from 1837 to the time of Dr. Hudson’s coming in 1912.
    • Blackburn professors, staff or administrators, past or present, should receive high consideration.
    • A plaque is given.

    Service to Humanity Award

    This award is intended to recognize those individuals who are giving, or have given of themselves in significant ways for the betterment of humanity, without thought of recognition or compensation. Their efforts have helped to provide support or resources to people who would otherwise go without.

    • This person has made a commitment of ongoing and significant service to a project for two years or more and contributed at least three days/week of his or her time.
    • The award may be given to a Blackburn College alumnus or alumna, or to a member of Blackburn’s faculty or staff.
    • An individual may receive the award more than once. However, the award must be given for a different service project each time.
    • Classmates or other Blackburn alumni, faculty or staff must nominate the person.
    • The person or group making the nomination must provide a complete description of the project in which the nominee is involved, describe the nature of the nominee’s involvement, and indicate the length of time the nominee has been involved in the project.
    • The award is given in the form of a plaque during homecoming.
    • The award is given as individuals are nominated and can be given to one or more recipients per year.
    • The recipient is encouraged to be present to receive the award. However, we understand that there are circumstances that can prevent attendance, in which case the award will be presented in absentia, or to the recipient’s designated representative.

    Cynthia Williams LaMar ’73 Service Award

    This award honors the outstanding work on behalf of the Blackburn College Alumni Association by Cynthia Williams LaMar ’73, former Alumni Board member and a Past Alumni Board President (1995-1997).

    • This award is given to a current or former member of the Alumni Board of Directors
    • The recipient has demonstrated unrelenting efforts, leadership, dedication, and outstanding contributions to the success of the Blackburn College Alumni Association.
    • The award includes a plaque given to the recipient and a name plate, which is added to a wall plaque displayed on the Blackburn campus, listing the names of past recipients.

    William M. Hudson Centennial Work Prize

    This award was established by the College Alumni Board in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Blackburn College Work Program implemented in 1913 by William M. Hudson President of the College from 1912 – 1945. The award is presented during Honors Banquet ceremonies to an alumnus, friend of the college, or member of the College faculty, staff, or Board of Trustees who by means of his or her time, talent, or treasure has contributed significantly to the preservation, promotion, and betterment of the Work Program.

    The award is given only on those occasions when the members of the College Alumni Board believe there to be an individual deserving of such recognition.

    Alumni Association Award Nominations

    If you would like to nominate someone for an Alumni Association Award, use the form here. (A description of each award is available at the link.)

    Nomination to the Alumni Board

    If you would like to nominate someone to the Alumni Board of Directors, use the form here.