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    The computer science academic area has regularly produced outstanding students and graduates. This is a significant fact since the technology of the entire Blackburn campus has fallen behind many of its competitors over the last decade. In order to move forward, a large investment must be made in Blackburn’s technology capabilities.

    The last major upgrades to the infrastructure of Blackburn’s technology were some ten to 14 years ago. Over the last couple of years, leadership in technology made impressive strides with the support of the Provost’s office and the Facilities Task Force. However, there is much more ground to cover. Among the many great needs, our technology leaders have identified two primary goals:

    1. Transform Blackburn College into a wireless campus. One of the expectations of today’s college students is the ability to access wireless technology wherever they are on campus. We have a limited number of “hot spots” on campus, and although the number is steadily increasing, campus-wide wireless is a must for Blackburn in the future. Closely related is the ever present necessity of expanding the bandwidth capability to help make the web more user-friendly for everyone on campus.
    2. Upgrade and install up-to-date technology in every classroom and instructional space, creating a seamlessly available set of electronic and digital tools to support the work of faculty, staff, and students. Some of our classrooms have technology including smart-boards and video projectors, but many do not. In the cases where we do have technological elements in the classroom, they are significantly out-of-date.                                                                                     Campus photo


    Over the Over the last six years, every time the student body has been surveyed, improved technology has been consistently in the top three positive change items that the students want.

    The total amount of the Technology Upgrades and Improvements Objective in the Capital Campaign is $1.65 million.