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    The Blackburn College Work Program had its inception in 1913. The “Self Help Program” as it was originally billed, was initiated by President William M. Hudson as a way to recruit students and to control the overhead of the College. Over the years, the Work Program has evolved to match the needs of the College and now, the greater community.

    In the early years, the College had a working farm so there were many agriculturally based jobs. Today, approximately 500 students (all the residential and half of the commuter student base) participate in the Work Program. These students work in 12 different departments from Food Service to Campus Maintenance, to the Bookstore, to Campus Security, to supporting the Administrative and Academic offices. The management of all Work Program student workers is handled by the Work Committee, made up of the 12 Department Managers and the two General Managers.

    Blackburn College has the only student-managed Work Program in the U.S.—a notable difference from all other colleges and universities. Through the combination of a rigorous liberal arts education, co-curricular activities, and experience through the Work Program, Blackburn students are provided a four-year head start on their professional endeavors compared to their peers from other institutions.

    In order to preserve Blackburn’s proud legacy, we are committed to raising $200,000 a year, or $1 million, to fund the Work Program and ensure the continuation of valuable work experience for future students.