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  • Blackburn Professor Participates in Media Literacy Panel

    December 6, 2017, Carlinville, IL—“Fake News!” is a battle cry often heard in the media trenches here in the digital age. With reputable news outlets that were once held in high esteem increasingly coming under fire for reporting “disputable” facts, social media and the concept of news sharing is a double edged sword. At the speed at which information is disseminated in today’s media outlets it is becoming harder and harder to discern between fact and fanciful fabrication.

    The question of how responsible modern journalists are was one that Educate Today, an educator created video and interactive learning resource, sought to answer. Assembling a panel that included Blackburn Associate Professor of Communications Natasha Casey, the institution discussed social media responsibilities with high school students, citing online articles and polling classrooms to guess their legitimacy.

    Casey provided the audience with a variety of means to check sources online and commented on the state of social media, its accessibility and how users can verify online claims before false information is unwittingly spread through multiple channels.

    The discussions were held in November as part of Media Literacy Week 2017 and can now be viewed online at Educate Today’s website at and specifically at