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    Gift of $1 Million Establishes Marguerite Steffey Snyder Endowed Dean of Work Position

     Blackburn College has received a $1 million gift from the estate of Marguerite Steffey Snyder. The College’s Board of Trustees has designated the annual proceeds from this gift to directly […]

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    Recycling at Blackburn

    Recycling what we can no longer use, rather than tossing it into trash, and from there into Illinois landfills, makes an important contribution to environmental sustainability. Recycling is also just […]

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    International Students

    Studying in the US is a big decision and can be a complicated process. Not only is Blackburn College committed to making the admission process as easy as possible for […]

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    Emergency Alert System

    Blackburn College, in order to maintain a safe campus environment, has an emergency notification system. Students are asked at the beginning of each year to update their contact information. It […]

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    Annamarie Cosenza

    “When I was in 4th or 5th grade, I remember asking a school supervisor why school was hard and why no one liked me.  She told me it was because I’m ‘different.’”  Annamarie struggled academically and socially up until...

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    Early Childhood Workforce Program

    The Current Workforce Early Childhood Degree Program is designed for people employed in the early childhood field to receive academic training, financial resources, a supportive learning community, and a connection […]

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    Exploring Majors and Career Paths

    Career Onestop Explore Careers with the Occupation Profile to discover: What do people do on the job in this career?What’s the employment outlook for the career?How much money do people […]

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    The value of a Blackburn education is made available to students from all economic backgrounds through generous financial aid packages. All students who submit an application for admission are considered […]

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    Travel and Arriving

    Complete your academic file if you have not done so. Blackburn College must have official copies of your completion of a secondary school program. For students with post-secondary (college/university) coursework, in […]