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  • Standard Addition

    During a housing crisis in Carlinville in 1917, officials needed to find places for people to live. The solution was found in the Sears and Roebuck catalog. The town now has one of the largest collections of these Sears Homes in a neighborhood known as Standard Addition. Out of the original 156 ordered homes, 152 are still standing today.
    Address: 1014 University | Carlinville, IL | 62626

    Carlinville Historic District

    The Carlinville Historic District encompasses 340 acres of the town. Built in 1825, the preserved downtown is an example of the architecture and community. The area is found between Oak, Mulberry, Morgan and E. streets within the city limits.
    Address: Downtown | Carlinville, IL

    Macoupin County Jail

    Built in 1869, the Macoupin County Jail was still in use in 1988. The stone structure with canonballs in the walls resembles a small fort. Today tours of the prison are available through the Carlinville Chamber of Commerce.
    Address: 203 S. East Steet | Carlinville, IL | 62626
    Telephone: 217-854-3136

    Macoupin County Historical Museum

    The Macoupin County Historical Museum is located inside the old residence of John C. Anderson. It was built in 1883 and was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1992. The house is open for tours by appointment and during the Spring (mid-May) and Fall (mid-Sept) festivals.
    Address: 920 W. Breckenridge St. | Carlinville, IL
    Telephone: 217-854-8916

    Macoupin County Courthouse

    This Carlinville landmark was once one of the largest courthouses in the United States. Construction was completed in 1870 and cost more than $1,300,000, an astronomical sum of money at the time. It’s a popular site for visitors to Carlinville and tours of the courthouse are available through the Chamber of Commerce.
    Address: 210 E. Main Street | Carlinville, IL | 62626
    Telephone: 217-854-2141

    Beaver Dam State Park

    Beaver Dam State Park sits on 750 acres of land found 7 miles from Carlinville. This park has year-round facilities, making it a popular place in the summer to camp, hike, picnic, fish and bird/animal watch; and in the winter to skate, sled, ice fish and cross-country ski. The water is stocked with several types of fish. An on-site concession provides tackle, sells fishing licenses and rents boats.
    Address: 14548 Beaver Dam Lane, IL | 62685
    Telephone: 1 217 854-8020

    Broom Orchard

    The Broom Orchard, consisting of 128 acres, is located just south of Carlinville. Home to annual apple and pumpkin festivals, the orchard is a popular destination for families and groups to pick fruit, shop in the Farm Market and enjoy the family atmosphere. More information is available at their website.
    Address: 12803 Broom Rd. | Carlinville, IL | 62626
    Telephone: 217-854-3514