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Dual degree or “Three-Two” programs are an attractive and well tested alternative to the better known, traditional engineering curricula. They allow participants to earn undergraduate degrees in both engineering and a liberal arts area. Participants typically spend three or four years at a liberal arts institution and four semesters at either the Sever Institute of Technology of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Washington University, or The School of Computing and Engineering at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Successful applicants must complete prerequisite courses and be recommended by the Dual Degree Liaison Officer of their college or university. A grade point average of “B” normally assures admission into any engineering major.

Special Features

Intensive courses in engineering are offered each January to allow sophomores, juniors and seniors attending affiliated institutions to explore and evaluate their interest in engineering. Taught by engineering faculty of Washington University, these introductory courses all carry three semester hours credit. The early January timing of the intensive courses fits nicely into the curricula of many affiliated institutions.

Students who choose the dual degree program at Missouri-Kansas City will have access to a multitude of internship opportunities in Kansas City, which is the 4th largest engineering community in the country (by revenue generated).  Over 75% of UMKC undergraduate engineering students, including dual degree students, experience an internship during their course of study.

Application of the Dual Degree

Application may be made at any time after the student completes sixty semester hours of transferable college coursework that includes at least one year of study in the affiliated college or university. The recommendation of the College Liaison Officer is required. Application packets are available from the Dual Degree Liaison Officers and may be filled out as early as the summer following the sophomore year or as late as the spring of the senior year.
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