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  • 300-Biology-FlowerBlackburn has an excellent, widely respected academic program in the biological sciences with a long tradition of preparing students for careers ranging from medicine to field biology.


    • A science that deals with things that are alive (such as plants and animals)
    • A plant and animal life of a particular place
    • The processes that occur in a living thing


    100% acceptance rate to medical school, veterinary school and other health profession graduate programs for the past 6 years


    $1,200,000 in equipment upgrades in the past 5 years

    Mahan Forestry Program

    Blackburn students have planted more than 10,600 walnut trees as part of the Mahan Forestry Project. Read more about the project here.

    Work Program:

    Through the work program students are assisting faculty with ongoing research projects
    Mahan Science Building

    Mahan Science Wing:

    One of the 1st LEED Certified buildings in the area


    3 Blackburn alumni are members of the National Academy of Sciences


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