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    The science that explains the material in the world around us.

    Course topics include: How and why are different materials so different? How and why does matter change? How do we determine what materials are present in a sample, living or not, and how much of each material is there? How can we make new materials to fit specific purposes and needs.


    Work Program:

    In the Work Program, chemistry students have multiple job opportunities that relate to their studies. Student workers tutor their peers, grade papers, use lab instruments in hands-on experience, instruct fellow students in the labs, and assist professors with experiments.

    Students may apply to work as:

    • Chemistry tutor
    • Department assistant
    • Chemistry Lab assistant


    100% Acceptance rate to all students interested in a graduate program for the past 6 years


    $1,200,000 in equipment upgrades in the past 5 years

    Student doing science

    Class Environment:

    Upper level classes are small and tailored to individual student needs and interests



    Professor is present in every lab section of each course

    5 Hot Job Outlooks:

    • Chemical Oceanographer
    • Clarifying Plant Operator
    • Cosmetics Developer
    • FDA Inspector
    • Forensic Chemist

    More information on careers in chemistry may be found at the American Chemical Society’s website.


    Download a PDF version of this major’s requirements here or click on the course names below to view a description.

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