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300-Science-Teaching-GroupCourse topics include: How and why are different materials so different? How and why does matter change? How do we determine what materials are present in a sample, living or not, and how much of each material is there? How can we make new materials to fit specific purposes and needs.


The science that explains the material in the world around us

Work Program:

Students with interest in original research can work one-on-one directly with faculty


100% Acceptance rate to all students interested in a graduate program for the past 6 years


$1,200,000 in equipment upgrades in the past 5 years

Class Environment:

300-Chemistry-ClassroomUpper level classes are small and tailored to individual student needs and interests


Professor is present in every lab section of each course

5 Hot Job Outlooks:

  • Chemical Oceanographer
  • Clarifying Plant Operator
  • Cosmetics Developer
  • FDA Inspector
  • Forensic Chemist


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