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  • Creative Writing

    Creative writing students hone their skills in workshop focused courses and genre exploration. As students advance, they are provided invaluable feedback from peers and professors, and ultimately gain expertise in a genre of their choice. Creative Writing majors work on the college’s literary magazine, VORTEX, and participate in Lethologica, a creative writing club.

    Work Program Opportunities

    • The ’Burnian
    • The College’s writing center
    • Department Assistant
    • Lumpkin Learning Commons

    Awards and Prizes

    • Talent-Based Scholarships
    • Beginning Scholar Awards
    • Excellence in the Major Awards
    • Louise Allen Creative Writing Awards
    • Student Journalism Awards
    • Stoddard Prize for Literature
    • Asbury Prize for Journalism
    • First Year Writing Awards

    Career Opportunities

    • Author
    • Publishing/EditingDraya Classroom
    • Literary Agent
    • Teacher
    • Graduate School

    Student Testimonials

    “My classes at Blackburn helped prepare me for my MFA in Fiction Writing by introducing me to a wide variety of literature and allowing me to analyze that literature through a number of different lenses. These analyses proved invaluable during the conceptualization and construction of my thesis manuscript.”

    Tyler Schild, Class of 2009
    Masters of Fine Arts


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    Two courses from the following:

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