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What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing students actively hone their writing skills through a variety of workshop focused courses and genre exploration. As students advance, they are provided invaluable feedback from peers and professors, and ultimately gain expertise in a genre of their choice. They also have the opportunity to publish in and produce the college’s literary magazine, VORTEX. The creative writing major helps students develop the skills necessary to succeed in their field, challenge themselves as writers, and create written works uniquely their own.

Mission of Core Coursework

  • Help students to develop and broaden style and voice
  • Give students the opportunity to practice multiple genres, including fiction, nonfiction, drama, and poetry
  • Emphasize workshop approach, including feedback and revision skills


All Creative Writing faculty are published writers and members of professional organizations, including the Association of Writing Programs and the Modern Language Association.

Unique Writing Opportunities

  • VORTEX, Blackburn’s annual literary magazine, is entirely student produced.
  • The Write Space provides writing majors a quiet writing space.
  • Our student writing club, Lethologica, meets every Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Postgraduate Career Opportunities

  • AuthorDrayaClassroom4A
  • Literary Critic
  • Educational Program Specialist
  • Literary Agent
  • Manuscript Reader

Student Testimonials

“My classes at Blackburn helped prepare me for my MFA in Fiction Writing by introducing me to a wide variety of literature and allowing me to analyze that literature through a number of different lenses. These analyses proved invaluable during the conceptualization and construction of my thesis manuscript.”

Tyler Schild, Class of 2009
Masters of Fine Arts


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