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What is Literature?

Literature students complete coursework that varies from historical surveys to special topics courses. Students gain the skills to carefully dissect written works, appreciate the historical and cultural contexts of the texts, and converse with classmates and professors about their close readings in discussion-based courses.

Core Coursework

  • Surveys in American, British, and global literature
  • Studies in poetry, narrative, and drama
  • Topics in gender, ethnicity, law, leadership, environment, and graphic narratives

On-Campus Opportunities

  • Producing our literary magazine, VORTEX
Writing for The ’Burnian
, the oldest college newspaper in Illinois
  • Tutoring in the Writer’s Block
Joining Lethologica, our creative writing club

Awards and Prizes

  • Beginning Scholar Award
  • Creative Writing Award
  • Student Journalism Award
  • Stoddard Prize for Literature
  • Talent-Based Scholarships


Our professors are published scholars and members of organizations such as the Modern Language Association and Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship.

Postgraduate Career Opportunities

  • Author
  • Book Citric
  • Educational Program Specialist
  • Literary Agent
  • Manuscript Reader

Student Testimonials

“My work as a Literature major exposed me to a variety of perspectives and forced me to consider the merit of those perspectives; as an Admissions Counselor, I put the adaptability I developed in those Literature and Writing courses to use daily as I navigate the various needs and concerns of prospective students, parents, and guidance counselors.”

Aaron Pflug, Class of 2011
Blackburn College Admissions Counselor


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