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Music Opportunities

Perform with faculty directed ensembles including: Blackburn College Choir, Blackburn Voices Chamber Choir and Blackburn College Band

Work Program Options

Work Program positions can focus within the performing arts field including:

  • Costuming
  • Set Design and Construction
  • Lighting, Sound and Stage management
  • Music Office Assistants
  • Accompanist
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      Additional Information


      • Study with exceptional faculty specializing in voice, accompanying and piano performance.
      • 2013 All Steinway School: practice, rehearse and perform with the best instruments in the world.

      Job Outlooks

      • Church Choir Director
      • Entertainer
      • Community Choral Group Director
      • Music Conservatory Administrator
      • Music Librarian


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      Music Track

      Students must choose either a Voice Concentration (6 hours of MU 220 and 4 hours of MU 210) or a Piano Concentration (6 hours of MU 210 and 1 hour of MU 120).

      Faculty Members