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  • Did you know? Spanish is the official language of 22 countries, and is spoken by over half a billion people worldwide, including 50 million right here in the US.Diversity Group

    A second language is a lifelong SKILL that improves job prospects, increases salary, and enhances quality of life.

    The Department of Modern Languages currently offers a major as well as a minor in Spanish.

    Study Abroad

    Spanish Majors study abroad for one semester. This experience that helps students become fluent, learn about the world and themselves, and forge bonds of friendship that last a lifetime.

    Spanish Club

    Hosted by the Spanish Department, the Spanish Club strives to inform students about the Spanish language and the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.

    Major Requirements

    (OR equivalent OR proficiency as determined by placement test)


    21 Hours chosen from the 300 level or above (at least 3 hours of which must be at the 400 level and in residence)
    Total: 42-44 Hours