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LindseyCharcoalBlackburn offers classes such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, Art History, 2D design, 3D design, graphic design, publications, and many more. All art majors have produced no less than 20 outstanding pieces for their professional portfolio, as well as held two on-campus exhibitions in the junior and senior seminar.

Visual Arts Center

The Visual Arts Center houses a state-of-the-art graphic lab, painting, drawing and photography studios.

Exhibition Spaces

On-campus gallery, that would rival many fine arts venues, allows students to showcase and discuss their work in a professional setting.

Renner Art Building

Renner Art Building holds space where students work with pottery, sculpture, metal, wood, and other three-dimensional media.

Visiting Artists

Visiting artists regularly come to the art department to lend insight into theories and techniques for art.

Postgraduate Career Opportunities

  • Advertising Artist/Designer
  • Art Dealer
  • Gallery Owner
  • CD Jacket Designer
  • Print Layout Artist


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