Computer Club – LAN Lounge

Computer Science

LAN Lounge is the computer club organization on campus that works to provide students with the opportunity to interact with the realms of technology, while also majorly connecting individuals through video games as well. They try to provide students with a community to bond over the similar interests of things like computers and video games. They hold events like video game tournaments that allow students to participate more competitively in a video game environment but they also host more interactive and informational events, allowing students to pick up new skills in technology related areas such as computer programming, software design, and video game design.

LAN Lounge meets every Thursday at 7pm in the Computer Lab, located on Hudson 1st floor. For more information and to become part of the emailing list, contact Max Schaad.

My favorite part of the club as a 4-year member is generally the community that gets brought together through a club like this. For those individuals that may have a hard time making friends on campus or finding others with interest in similar topics, we provide an accepting group of people who support those interests in technology and video games.

Max Schaad