College presents many new challenges for students to navigate. It’s very common for students to need a little help navigating those challenges! Holistic Success Coaching can help you build essential skills to be successful in every aspect of your college experience – from academics, to work, to relationships with your peers. You can meet one-on-one with a professional or peer coach. This page provides more information about Holistic Success Coaching and what you can expect.

What is Holistic Success Coaching?

Think about an athletic coach – how does an athletic coach help the players on their team perform to the best of their ability? Generally, they provide opportunities for players to practice important skills for their sport, give feedback on players’ performance and ways they can improve, provide encouragement and positive reinforcement when a player does something great, and help athletes reflect on their own performance and determine a plan for improvement.

Have you ever wished for someone who could provide that kind of support and guidance, but for other parts of your life besides sports – such as your academics or even your relationships with your peers? Holistic Success Coaching can! If you are struggling with any of the following areas, Holistic Success Coaching may be the right resource for you:

  • Managing your time
  • Studying “smarter”, not harder – knowing the best ways to study for YOUR learning needs or for a particular course
  • Managing test anxiety
  • Setting boundaries with friends, roommates, and family
  • Advocating for yourself with peers or faculty
  • Having difficult conversations at work
  • Practicing self-care
  • Financial wellness (such as budgeting)
  • Getting connected with other resources on campus or in the community
To get connected with Holistic Success Coaching, you will need to make an appointment. We do not accept walk-in visits for Holistic Success Coaching. You can also reach out to us for help with this process. Meetings are available in person, and you can meet either once or on an ongoing basis throughout the semester – whichever works best for your needs. Contact the Student Success Center team for more information.
Email the Lumpkin Success Center
When you schedule your appointment, you have the option to choose to meet with a professional staff member or a peer coach. The Director and Assistant Director of the Student Success Center – both of whom have several years of experience helping students be successful. The peer coach has several years of experience being a successful student at Blackburn – including many of the same challenges that you may encounter. is Jordan Lipinski, who has several years of experience being a successful student at Blackburn – including navigating many of the same challenges that you may be encountering as a student. Both Shannon and Jordan are trained to provide support in all of the areas listed above, and more – and both are passionate about helping you be successful. It’s up to you who you would prefer to meet with, and you can even choose to start with one and then change to the other! Please be aware that Shannon may have somewhat limited availability due to her other roles and responsibilities on campus.
Contact the Student Success Team