What is WCOnline?
WCOnline is the program that we will be using this year to keep track of visits to The Writer’s Block. By keeping track of this information, we can better understand who is utilizing our services and whether our services are meeting their needs. WCOnline is a mobile-friendly platform and also has a text-only version for those who utilize screen-reader software. You can still visit The Writer’s Block open hours as a walk-in visitor, but your visit will be recorded using WCOnline. The Writing Assistant can help you set up an account if needed. Scheduling appointments in advance is recommended when possible.

How do I use WCOnline for The Writer’s Block or a traditional tutoring appointment?
To learn more about setting up an account and scheduling appointments, you can watch the tutorial video below OR read this written manual (which also includes screenshots).

Do I need to use WCOnline if I’m visiting a lab for help?
If you visit a lab for help (such as for Biology, Math, or Computer Science), the TA or tutor will ask you to sign in for your visit. Students shouldn’t need to do anything in WCOnline for lab visits, although you may still receive a survey in your email that asks about your experience working with the tutor or TA.