Blackburn College is more than just another four-year institution. It’s your head start on everything else that follows. From academics to campus life to friends and community—our purpose is to help you prepare for life after college. Since 1837, our ideal student is “intelligent, forward-thinking, and forward-looking.” Find your future here.

Located in Carlinville, Illinois, Blackburn College offers the traditional college experience, with so much more. You get the benefits of an easy-going small town. The engaging academic community, social life, and activities of a college campus. And, you get the real-life, ready-for-the-workforce skills unique to Blackburn!

Your preparation for life is the heart of the Blackburn experience. Here, you get more than just a classroom education. You develop the kind of leadership skills that immediately apply to nearly any job after graduation, giving you a head start in the working world.

As the only student-led college employment program in the nation, the Blackburn College Work Program not only makes a degree more attainable, it adds a new dimension to the collegiate experience. We literally rely on you, our students, to run the day-to-day operations across the campus. You’ll be included in campus planning committees. You’ll manage other students in the program. And, you’ll witness daily just how strong the connection is between your success and our success as a college.

Come to Blackburn College for a connection with an institution like no other. A place where not only do you get a high-level college education, but you get the experience of actually helping run the campus; experience for life. That sort of investment, in both the college and the students, is what makes Blackburn College a place where leaders rise.


Our 80-acre campus is rich with stories of students who learned more than just academics. From 1937 to today, our nationally-recognized Work Program weaves together the history of Blackburn alumni and their accomplishments. This legacy can launch your future, too.

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Located in the heart of Carlinville, Illinois, Blackburn College is set amid a quaint, rural town of 6,000 residents. Picturesque streets lined with early 1900s Sears Catalog homes lead to a historic courthouse. And, every big-city amenity you could want is only an hour away in St. Louis.

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Protecting our environment was already a Blackburn College priority more than 100 years ago. Today, we’re a certified Pollinator Friendly Bee Campus USA, an Arbor Day Foundation Tree Campus USA, and will soon source 80% of our energy from our 8-acre, 2-megawatt solar farm.

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Lead the way to a brighter future today, whether you’re graduating high school, going back to college, or guiding a student through these important decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely! You can visit in person at the Bookstore located in the Demuzio Campus Center or find the store online for all your Blackburn branded apparel needs!

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All students should have an emergency contact number on file at student life.  Should there be an emergency the contact person will be notified.  Should there be an emergency situation on campus all students will be contacted through campus emergency notification which is the Blackboard system.


Each student is given a mailbox located in the Demuzio Campus Center.


Yes, depending on COVID-19 restrictions, of course, there are a variety of events that occur on campus that provide great opportunities for outside guests to visit campus. In particular, Homecoming weekend in September is a great time to visit your student! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the need to visit your student, please contact the Student Life Office for advice.


The Blackburn College Dining Hall or “DING” as it is also known, is located in the Demuzio Campus Center (DCC).  Blackburn's Snack Bar - serving Starbucks coffee - is also located in the building,

Feeling like traveling off-campus? There are also many restaurants and food options in Carlinville and nearby towns.


There are many designated visitor parking areas on campus. View the Parking Map on our Policies and Information page.