We attract a certain kind of student. Inspired. Motivated. Proactive. Your relationship to Blackburn will be different than at any other school in the country. It’s intentional and foundational. It’s more than academics and activities. It’s the essence of who we are as a college and who you will become by the time you graduate.

You’re proud to be a Beaver. Your clubs and activities and friends are vital to your college experience. But, you’re more than that at Blackburn College. You’re not just another member of the student body. You’re a living, breathing part of Blackburn College. You help it function. Blackburn’s success is your success.

College is a transformational time. Our students come from diverse social, economic, and cultural backgrounds; including some underrepresented populations. At Blackburn, we’ve cultivated an inclusive environment where they all find community and belonging. Coming to campus as curious learners, here is where they learn and grow. And along with important life and work skills, they forge friendships that last a lifetime.

As we certainly develop and prepare you for a meaningful career beyond our campus, we don’t lose sight of the importance of a supportive campus life. That’s why student life at Blackburn is as multi-dimensional and diverse as our student population. We’ve cultivated an inclusive environment, with 13 sports teams and even more clubs and organizations. And this effort of inclusion never stops. If there’s an interest that’s not represented on campus, any student can simply reach out to the Office of Student Engagement and we’ll work with you to create your own group or club.

Our students are motivated and inspired. They’re purposeful in their thinking and doing. They’re dedicated in their working and playing. Every Blackburn College student is intelligent, forward-thinking, and forward-looking. Together, we’re forward-moving.

Every Beaver is a Busy Beaver

With 11 athletic teams participating in our NCAA Division III teams, we host 100+ athletic events each year. We’re not just invested in our students’ performance in the classroom or their work assignments. We’re fully committed to them on the field, court, or course, too! As you build character, develop leadership skills, and show respect for teammates and opponents, our Blackburn College Beavers create an atmosphere of belonging, cultural diversity, and gender equity among staff, athletes, and fans alike.

Go Beavers

Student Life is Organized and Intentional

The Blackburn College experience extends far beyond the classroom. And, our students aren’t just a part of the Blackburn student body. Beyond their friends and classmates, they create and help the Blackburn community function and succeed. The numerous student-led clubs and organizations that define our campus experience are proof of the robust student life we cultivate as part of preparing you for a fulfilling and meaningful future.

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Blackburn has truly been life-changing for me, and I will never forget all of the awesome experiences, people, and events I have encountered along the way. It is forever a part of my identity and it has shaped me as an individual in many positive ways. I love it and will always be grateful for what it has given me!
The connections and relationships I have made here have not only prepared me for my professional career, but have enhanced my personal life in such a remarkable way - the friendships, memories, and lessons I've learned in and out of class will stay with me for years to come

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To see the beauty of our campus’ natural ecosystems and learn the charms of our picturesque small-town setting, you have to experience it. Connect with us, discover our unique work program culture, and engage a vision for what your future could become.

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