Blackburn and Beyond is a program designed to increase opportunities for young adults with diverse learning abilities. The only program of its kind in downstate Illinois, Blackburn and Beyond was founded with the idea that individuals never stop learning and growing, and – with the right goals and proper assistance – everyone has the ability to achieve more.

Blackburn offers a diverse and welcoming community for this on-campus program. Approved by the U.S. Department of Education as a comprehensive transition program (CTP), Blackburn and Beyond supports continuing academic, social, and/or independent living instruction and will be enhanced with participation in Blackburn’s nationally-recognized Work Program.
Based on individualized goals, each student will have access to any course offered by the College and will receive support from mentors and tutors to set everyone up for success. Career development is also an important part of any CTP and Blackburn offers a unique opportunity as the only student-led work program in the nation. Blackburn and Beyond students will be able to participate along with the majority of their peers within any of the College’s 12 work departments or with community sponsors.
The four-year program includes pathways for a certificate and a Bachelor’s Degree. With the approval by the Department of Education, Blackburn and Beyond students may complete the FAFSA form to receive federal financial assistance. Students will also be eligible for funding from the state of Illinois.

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When I was in 4th or 5th grade, I remember asking a school supervisor why school was hard and why no one liked me. She told me it was because I’m ‘different.’ I want to help those that are like me, and I want them to go down the path of success. I want to be the person that can tell them they can do it when no one else believes in them.

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