Blackburn students literally help plan, manage and run the facilities of an institution fully invested in them. Working with Blackburn employees and other students, the “four-year head start” means real-world work experience that pays off; with resumes that are attractive to employers across all fields.

Students fill essential roles on campus, often aligning work responsibilities with academic interests. With 12 student-managed work departments, there is a job for everyone, including you!

Academic Services

The Academics Department consists of many smaller departments such as the Burnian’, the Radio Station, the Theatre, all the Faculty Assistants and Tutors. The student tutors serve across all academic disciplines. The Burnian’ is the school newspaper and the students serve as the journalists and designers of the paper. The Radio Station hosts live streaming music daily. The Theatre aids and puts on all the school’s productions. The Faculty Assistants help the faculty members prepare for their classes. The tutors help the faculty members teach the study sessions and grade any coursework the faculty member needs help with.

Administration Services

Student provide support for all administrative offices including : Admissions, Business Office, Career Services, Development/Alumni Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion, Financial Aid, Institutional Research, Office of the President, Office of Student Life, Orientation, Student Activities, Public Relations, Records, and the Work Office. Students serve as office assistants, research assistants, graduation analysts, public relations writers/photographers, bookkeeping assistants, and campus tour guides. Students working in this department should have customer service experience, organizational skills, and also basic computer skills.

Athletic Services

Students jobs include a wide variety of duties within the Athletic Department. Workers need a base knowledge of sports and a positive attitude. Work includes student athletic trainers, assistants to coaches, athletic event staff, sports writing, statistics, social media experts, and Athletic Director assistants. Works may additionally set up physical education classes and clean Dawes gymnasium. A great place for sport lovers, and or sports management majors/minors.


The Bookstore Department is responsible for excelling in customer services while providing text books, supplies, merchandise, stamps, and clothing to the campus and community. The department is also responsible for sorting and distributing U.S. and Campus mail in the mail room. The online store, auxiliary services, and event set up are also a responsibility of the workers.

Campus Community & Safety

Students perform duties including radio dispatch, campus patrol and escort, building security including daily lock-up and unlock, issue parking tickets, and manage the campus motor pool and security for campus events. Upperclassmen serve as residence hall directors and residence hall assistants responsible for safety and community programming activities in the six residence halls on campus. Students must be in good standing with the college, and pass a background investigation in order to be eligible to work in some jobs within this department.

Campus Maintenance

Student crews include Building Maintenance/Carpentry, Utilities (Plumbing/Electrical), HVAC, Grounds/Event set up and teardowns, Motor Pool, and New Construction. Students are required to wear “hard sole” work boots. Students must also provide own work clothes. Each crew member is subjectable to help other crews if needed. Students must be able to be involved in physical work along with the lines of using various tools and developing different skills within the work place. Students must be ready to be a part of the team in order to continuously improve the department and campus as a whole.

Campus Services

Workers are responsible for cleaning the residence halls including hallways, stairwells, parlors, and bathrooms, as well as cleaning academic/administrative buildings; including, classrooms, hallways, and bathrooms. Workers are also responsible for cleaning athletic buildings and the dining hall. There are plenty of opportunities for advancement into leadership roles within the department. Must wear close-toed shoes.

Community Services

Student work at local schools in the Carlinville area, which include: Carlinville Primary, Intermediate and Middle schools, as well as the Head Start Center, Alternative Education Center, Adult Education Center, and the Macoupin County for the Developmentally Disabled as teacher aids/assistance. Local business such The Chamber of Commerce, Catholic Charities, Food Pantry, Public Library, and the Health Department are also a part of the department. There is also an on campus position, Leave it to Beaver, that aids in volunteer opportunities for the Blackburn Community as well as organizing and advertising the campus/community wide donation center. Eligibility to work within the Community Services department the student must pass a background check, have a car on campus, and have good standing with the college.

Dining & Hospitality Services

Student workers in this department have many opportunities to learn all sides of Dining and Hospitality through service in DING or as a part of the catering team. Students work closely with full-time Sodexo staff to learn safe and proper handling of food and equipment. Students have the ability to enhance customer service and communication skills each and every shift. Dining and Hospitality serves over 500 members of both the Blackburn and surrounding community, allowing workers the chance to meet new people and establish connections. Workers are involved in meal preparation and service, and sanitation for the entire facility.

Lumpkin Learning Commons

Student workers are engaged in a myriad of tasks. These include, but are not limited to: circulation of library and research material, providing quality customer service, up-keeping the cleanliness of the Lumpkin facility, operating library computer software, administering general tutoring and academic accommodations, individual and/or cooperative project work, retrieving archival materials, and providing security for all Lumpkin technology.

Snack Bar

Student workers prepare and serve food and drinks while maintaining a courteous and friendly attitude toward customers, maintain sanitary conditions in the food preparation, serving, and dining areas, keep merchandise stocked, record sales on the cash register, and perform other duties as needed.

Technology Services

Students provide supervision and support for people using the Computer Center and staff the “help desk” providing technical support over the phone and on site. They also work as support technicians maintaining and supporting the computer equipment around campus, and staff the data center providing support for the campus network and servers.