Living on campus is not just having a place to sleep; it is an opportunity to grow and learn as a human being—much like students grow and learn in a classroom and in the workplace! We expect all traditionally-aged freshmen, sophomores, and juniors (who don’t meet an exemption in our Campus Residence Policy) to live on campus so that they can enjoy all the benefits that come from residence life.

Specifically, the Office of Residence Life wants every student who lives in our residence halls to:

  • Discover meaningful relationships
  • Engage with others who have different backgrounds, opinions, and values
  • Develop effective communication skills, including assertiveness, conflict resolution, and self-advocacy
  • Develop a desire to seek involvement in both their residential and campus communities
  • Demonstrate ethics, integrity, and self-respect
  • Identify and utilize various campus resources.

Explore our residence halls to learn about our living and learning communities, and check out the Housing portion of the Student Handbook and the Residence Life Handbook for all the guidelines for our campus living community!

Meet the Staff

Meet the RD’s and RA’s

Management of each residence hall is the responsibility of one Resident Director and two to three Resident Assistants. These individuals are members of the Student Life staff.

Resident Directors (RDs) have primary responsibility for the overall management of the halls. Upper-class students who have distinguished themselves academically and demonstrated maturity often serve as Resident Directors.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are upper-class students who are responsible for working with residents to program activities, provide support on personal, academic and social matters, and assist with various aspects of life within the residence hall community.


  • Logan Elliott, RD
  • Damien Kulash, RA

Challacombe (North)

  • Kaleb Mitchum, RD
  • Fransico Ruiz, RA
  • Nicholas Rosborough, RA


  • Ashley Hickerson, RD
  • Sydney Bray, RA
  • Jaime Pineda, RA


  • Julianna Tabian, RD
  • Michayne Weber, Gender Inclusive RA
  • Kameron Tharp, RA
  • Antonio Masingill, RA
  • Breana Allen, RA


  • Olivia Leemon, RD
  • Allison Woolard, RA
  • Brooke Naumann, RA


  • Keeleigh Pilcher, RD
  • Jarrett Reed , RA

Frequently Asked Questions About Residence Life

Residence Life

Blackburn caters to a wide variety of dietary needs and restrictions: gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, and (sometimes) Vegan options are available with every meal. Items are clearly labeled to help indicate the presence of allergens. For any other dietary restrictions or questions, please contact Dining Services at 217.854.5524.

Residence Life

Residential students are required to be on a meal plan unless the student has dietary restrictions that cannot be accommodated after consultation with Elena Carrillo Director of Dining Services.

Residence Life

No, Blackburn does not store students’ items over the summer break.

Residence Life

Items can be left in rooms during all breaks other than the summer break. Staff will perform health and safety checks during breaks, but a student’s personal items will not be removed.

Residence Life

Residence halls typically close for the Thanksgiving holiday; the break between fall and spring semesters; and during the summer break. 

Residence Life

Overnight guests may stay with a resident (free of charge) for two nights/three days only. After that period guests must leave campus. The same off campus guest cannot spend more than four nights/six days on campus per month and only if their host has the permission of their roommate and the RA or RD.

If a visitor needs or wishes to stay beyond two nights, they must make arrangements with the Direct of Inclusive Housing to stay in a College guest room (subject to availability) and will be charged the current rate.

Residence Life

Guests are permitted to visit at any time during the day or night providing they have permission from the resident they are visiting and their roommate.

In cases where students do not wish to have visitors in their room, their right of privacy shall have priority over roommates who may wish to entertain visitors. If a resident requests such privacy, the roommate should be informed and must comply.

Be aware that restrictions may need to be reinstated if conditions change.

Residence Life

Please review the Alcohol and Drug Policy at Blackburn College. As for smoking, the interiors of all campus buildings have been designated as smoke-free, including vaping and the use of e-cigarettes.

Residence Life

Pets are not allowed on Blackburn’s campus. However, both Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals (ESA’s) are allowed on campus. Please consult Disability Services for more information.

Residence Life

Resident Assistants and Resident Directors are there to help you work through these conflicts. Learning to manage interpersonal conflicts is an important part of the college educational experience.

In addition, we offer “moving-on days” between the third and fifth weeks of each semester to
allow for room changes.