Stay Connected

Being a Blackburn Alum is about remembering your experience, meeting lifelong friends and being inspired by your professors. It’s also about connecting with others like you, supporting current students and lifting up our institution. There are so many ways to stay connected and give back to our Blackburn community.

Blackburn Athletic Boosters

The Blackburn Athletic Booster Club (B-Club) generates interest and financial support for the College’s 13 sports programs, helping to provide a rewarding, memorable and transformative collegiate experience for more than 150 student athletes.

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Blackburn Fine Arts Boosters

Blackburn's Fine Arts Booster Club (BFAB) supports artistic expression at the College, including financial investments through student scholarships and facility enhancements as well as promoting awareness of the activities and events on campus.

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A Campaign for Athletics & Enrollment

Winning Together

The Winning Together capital campaign is a meaningful – and pressing – opportunity to give students greater access to expanded athletic and recreational facilities on campus. The kind of access that’s been known to help retain students and attract new ones. Help make Blackburn’s home turf mean as much to the next generation as it has meant to you.

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Blackburn College gave me a renaissance education, which was ideal for a young man who had no idea what the hell he was going to do with his life. With Blackburn, you could invent or even reinvent yourself.
My advisor stood out for me he was so personable about everything. He made you feel important about everything that you did, and it was the main reason why I kept succeeding.
Beautification Day

The College Where Alumni Come Home to Work

For more than a century, being a Blackburn student has meant more than just going to college. Students who attend are a living part of the College, helping to plan, manage and run the facilities of an institution fully invested in them. But the relationship doesn’t fade after graduation. Blackburn alumni constantly search for and create opportunities to support the College, including traveling back to the picturesque campus and rolling up their sleeves to clock in again. The annual Campus Beautification Day event is a perfect example of how the bonds, connections, and relationships forged at Blackburn only grow stronger.

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