A gift, regardless of amount, is not just a contribution to Blackburn, but it honors our tradition of providing an affordable education with immeasurable student outcomes. Each gift enhances our nationally-recognized Work Program, funds our sustainability efforts and academic opportunity, and, together, helps secure an engaging academic experience for countless current and future students.

Your gifts of time and treasure make Blackburn’s transformational education possible for the next generation of leaders, problem solvers, and creative thinkers. Your generosity provides the resources we need to take advantage of new opportunities and continue to position Blackburn College as a truly unique leader in higher education. Help us continue to build momentum at Blackburn and turn a student’s next four years into a four-year head start.

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Volunteering is a meaningful way for alumni to make a lasting impact. Whether it's advising students, boosting arts and sports, or helping the campus community, there are many opportunities for you to get involved.

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Benevolent Beaver Fund

The Benevolent Beaver program exists because there is always a need—the need for assistance, yes, but also the need for care and compassion; this is what gifts to the Benevolent Beaver Fund provide. It’s hard to concentrate on being a student when unexpected expenses occur, but this program helps to bridge that gap.

Benevolent Beaver Fund dollars do more than provide financial resources; these gifts give Blackburn students a peace of mind that is, in fact, priceless. The fund lets our students know that alumni have been in their shoes and believe in them enough to want to help. This particular support at this particular time in their lives shows them that there are indeed heroes in this world.

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Blackburn College lit a fire in me that burns brightly still today.
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