What will you get out of the Work Program?

Everyone quickly understands the affordability aspect of the Work Program. Each student works 10 hours per week and receives a $5,000 tuition credit. This important piece of the Blackburn experience has made a college education a reality for generations of students.

The Work Program provides so much more! 

Develop Individualized Skills

Build Work Experience

By sharing, belonging, and contributing through your work, Blackburn students develop valuable personal skills and competencies that employers truly appreciate. They also make lifelong friendships and enjoy an added sense of community and individual responsibility and achievement.

Blackburn’s unique combination of academic preparation and work-learning-service experience uniquely prepares students to be responsible and productive citizens better able to meet the challenges of post-graduate work, careers, and life in general.

Explore Student Job Areas
Gain Applicable Work Skills

A Full Resume

Today’s full Blackburn experience – in the classroom, on the job and more – is one that is forward-thinking and forward-looking. Helping the next generation of leaders, problem solvers and creative thinkers make the most of their college experience. With in-demand skills and a practical, legitimate work resume, our graduates enter the workplace at full speed, ready to rise and shine.

Through the Blackburn College Work Program experience, you will refine a multitude of skills necessary to success after college in the work place. You will learn adaptability, communication, initiative, leadership, personal responsibility, problem solving, teamwork, interpersonal relationships and project management. These gradual improvements will help you enter the work place with the knowledge, confidence, and interpersonal and professional skills that can take years to cultivate.


Career Services
The connections and knowledge gained will stick with me for the rest of my life.
Providing Opportunities to Choose Your Future

Meet Your Purpose

Blackburn College’s Student Managed Work Program is designed to help you find and achieve your life plan. Through leadership, experiential learning, community, teamwork and friendship, increased employability, and tuition reduction, you will enter the workplace at full speed.

We’re proud to have created an impactful environment where attending Blackburn College means more than just going to college. Blackburn students literally help plan, manage and run the facilities of an institution fully invested in them. Working with Blackburn employees and other students, the “four year head start” means real-world work experience that pays off; with resumes that are attractive to employers across all fields.

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