Creativity, expression, and artistic exploration thrive on our campus and play an important role in life at Blackburn. Many students bring their artistic gifts to campus and hone their skills while others find new passions once they join our community.

Blackburn will push you to follow your sense of adventure. Whether you build, design, perform, write or enjoy, we nurture our students’ interests through personal attention and offer opportunities to create in the classroom, on stage, or in the audience.

In and Beyond the Classroom

Every day, student artists are given the opportunity to explore and refine their skills in the classroom. Blackburn nurtures our students’ interests through personal attention and mentorship and offer creative space in our curricular offerings in music, theater, studio art, art history, and creative writing.

Looking to flex your creative muscles and connect with people over similar interests? Arts are for everyone and we welcome every level of expertise. Showcase your skills through design, performance, and tech opportunities each semester. Blackburn also hosts annual student-run festivals. You can also join a student organization. And if you don’t find a club that sparks your interest, you can bring something new to campus and start your own!

Music is such an important part of my life - getting the chance to be a part of these groups and make beautiful music for others' enjoyment is something that touched me deeply and made me appreciate the value of the arts in our society. I developed inspiring friendships and gained a profound satisfaction in creating music that can change people's lives.
Campus Spaces

State of the Art

Whether it’s Bothwell Auditorium with its Broadway-level lighting and sound equipment, the Writer’s Block, or the Visual Art Center with its exhibition gallery, creativity connect students across our campus. With a variety of research and outreach programs – including speaker series and performances – Blackburn the perfect choice for talented students who want to explore and master their craft or fully enjoy their college experience.

Experience Blackburn for Yourself

To see the beauty of our campus’ natural ecosystems and learn the charms of our picturesque small-town setting, you have to experience it. Connect with us, discover our unique work program culture, and engage a vision for what your future could become.

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