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Last Updated: Tuesday, March 22, 2022 @ 8:55 AM CT

Latest Message to Blackburn Community

COVID-19 Updates for the Blackburn Community (3/22/2022)

Dear Students:

We are pleased to report that presently COVID conditions on campus and in our local community continue to improve. According to Gary Ross, RN for the campus community, our recent county transmission numbers have been the lowest since July 2021.

As a result, at this time, and effective immediately, the decision was made to once again allow outside guests to visit students in all residence halls. However, please note that if conditions change the previous restrictions may be reinstated as necessary.

The “Residence Hall Visitation Policy” is outlined in the Student Handbook (“B-Book”) on page 68. Please read the details carefully since it has been quite some time since this policy applied. Specifically, note the following: “In cases where students do not wish to have visitors in their room, their right of privacy shall have priority over roommates who may wish to entertain visitors. If a resident requests such privacy, the roommate should be informed and must comply.”

Please consult your Resident Director (“RD”) or Resident Assistant (“RA”) with any questions about the policy.

In addition, if you host guests on campus, your guests will also be allowed to dine with you in DCC.

Please continue to follow recommended health and safety practices, and again, be aware that restrictions may need to be reinstated if conditions change.

The COVID Working Group



COVID-19 Updates for the Blackburn Community (2/28/2022)

To: All Students, Faculty and Staff:

Last Friday, February 25, 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new guidelines and a new COVID-19 Community Levels tool to help communities decide what prevention steps to take based on the latest data. (The community level for Macoupin County, as of 2.24.22 is LOW.)

Governor Pritzker also released a statement on Friday to end the Illinois indoor masking requirements.

Based on these new guidelines, effective immediately, Blackburn will no longer require masking on campus, with the following exceptions:

  • Any Blackburn faculty or staff member may require students or co-workers to wear masks while in their classroom/lab, or personal office space. (Please check with your instructor or work supervisor for any specific details.)
  • People with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 should wear a mask.

Please note that we will continue to monitor community level conditions and status changes (e.g., low to high status) could lead us to require masks indoors in the future.

Thank you.

The COVID-19 Working Group


Spring Semester COVID-19 Plan