Finish Strong at Blackburn

Blackburn College is saddened to learn of the announced closure of Fontbonne University and opening its doors to students affected by the unforeseen challenge. We know how complicated and painful transitions can be, so we are here to support you in any way we can.

Blackburn welcomes transfer students from all over to join the leaders, problem solvers, and creative thinkers who call our school home. Along with our personalized academic approach and innovative Work Program that can help you jumpstart your future, you will find a supportive community where you will find friends and mentors to help you reach the finish line as soon as possible!

Seamless Transition

Transfer students are automatically accepted with a 2.0 GPA. In a collaborative initiative to empower students navigating the impact of Fontbonne’s closure, Blackburn College is actively working with the University and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) to become a designated teach-out institution.

Blackburn offers many of the same academic majors and will enable transferring students the opportunity to continue on their path with little to no interruption. Each student will be eligible for a transcript evaluation that will help chart the course from Fontbonne to a Blackburn graduation.

We will work with you to develop a personalized plan to reach the finish line as soon as possible at Blackburn College. Contact Justin Norwood, Vice President for Inclusive Enrollment, who is ready to work with you and help guide you through a seamless transition at or call 217.854.5585.

What Makes Blackburn So Unique

When Blackburn College launched in 1837, it envisioned the ideal student as “intelligent, forward-thinking, and forward-looking.” Today’s Blackburn students are made from the same mold.

Blackburn is a residential campus located on 80 picturesque acres just over an hour from Fontbonne. We are a diverse and welcoming community that values relationships and creating a sense of belonging. Transfer students make up a significant portion of our campus, and we value the experience and academic work you will share with us.

As a student, you will have incredible opportunities inside and out of the classroom to begin building the skills necessary for your dream career. Along with our personalized academic approach and innovative work program that can help you jumpstart your future, you will find a supportive community where you will find friends and mentors to help you reach the finish line as soon as possible!

We also offer the only Work Program in the nation managed exclusively by students. Blackburn students help plan, manage and run the facilities of an institution fully invested in them. It’s an incredible head start gaining real-world work experience that pays off with resumes that are attractive to employers across all fields. And students receive a $5,000 tuition credit each year they participate.

There’s a reason Blackburn graduates enter the job market at full speed ready to rise and shine.

I transferred as a sophomore, and everyone welcomed me with open arms, and made me feel like I was safe to be myself. The Work Program has been an absolute blessing for me. My leadership roles have brought out a sense of confidence in my abilities that I did not have before my time at Blackburn.
Blackburn was the perfect place to complete my degree. Not only was I able to play basketball at the highest level, but I gained incredible leadership experience as a manager in the Work Program.
Matching Financial Aid & Meeting Student Need

Financial Assistance

As one of the most affordable private colleges in Illinois, we are more concerned about your future than your current net worth.

Each Fontbonne student admitted to Blackburn receives a financial aid offer focusing on affordability. These offers will include matching your aid received at Fontbonne through merit scholarships, need-based grants, other aid based on eligibility, and Blackburn’s unique Work Program. Additionally, our financial aid packaging will meet 100% of all demonstrated need, based on information submitted through FAFSA, to ensure Fontbonne students can continue their degrees uninterrupted.

Be sure to include Blackburn College’s school code 001639 on your FAFSA form, and we can get the ball rolling!

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Life At Blackburn

Where Leaders Rise

At Blackburn, every Beaver is committed to leading. On the field and on stage. In class and on the job. In everything.

Blackburn offers 15 sports participating in our NCAA D3 athletic programs, including our 2021 and 2022 conference champion Men’s Basketball Team. If you just want to play the sport you love, we have intramural opportunities for you. Want to perform or share your artistic talents? There are many student-run clubs and organizations you can join, or you could start your own.



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To understand the beauty of our 80-acre campus’ sustainable ecosystems or learn the charms of our rural setting, you have to see it yourself. Connect with one of our dedicated Admissions Counselors and plan your campus visit today!

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Fontbonne students, faculty, and staff will have support from the entire Blackburn community. Feel free to contact Justin Norwood and our Admissions Team if you have any questions or need support through this process.

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