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  • Blackburn Radio is Blackburn’s only radio station.

    We have a strictly online radio station that is run by Blackburn students. The station offers students the opportunity to work as trained DJs. Students create their own shows, operate station equipment, and learn what it takes to be an on-air personality.

    To listen live, click here

    How to listen: or the TuneIn app – search Blackburn Radio
    Facebook: Blackburn College Radio
    Twitter: Blackburn_Radio
    Instagram: Blackburn_Radio

    Current Shows

    The Tea
    DJ Name: Chaos
    Type of show: Talk and Music
    When: Sunday 12pm
    Special Segments: Story Time & Makeup Tip of The Day

    Meow Mix
    DJ Name: DJ Cat
    Type of show: Music Variety
    When: Monday 2pm and Wednesday 5pm
    Special Segments: Fun Facts and Kittie Konnections

    DJ Name: The African Mongul
    Type of show: Superhero talk show and Comic-based music
    When: Monday 4pm and Thursday 6pm
    Special Segments: Marvel Verse & DC Verse

    The Nest
    DJ Name: Raven
    Type of show: Music Variety
    When: Tuesday 5pm bi-weekly (Alternates with Tinker Time)
    Special Segments: Artist Information, Life Hacks, and Movie Soundtrack of the Day

    Tinker Time
    DJ Name: DJ Lumberjack
    Type of show: Repair Talk Show and Music Variety
    When: Tuesday 5pm bi-weekly (Alternates with The Nest)
    Special Segments: Ways to fix different things

    Nothin’ But Rock
    DJ Name: DJ Rooster
    Type of Show: Rock Music
    When: Wednesday 1pm and Saturday 1pm

    Battle of the Words/Beaver First Take
    DJ Name: Mr. Forbez
    Type of Show: Sports Talk Show
    When: Friday 5pm

    Evenings with Larry
    DJ Name: Lil Larry
    Type of show: R&B, Hip-Hop, and Soul
    When: Saturday 5pm and Sunday 5pm
    Special Segments: Sports Hour, Unofficial Track of the Day, Larry’s Favorite Track, and Lil Larry Tales