Dr. Joseph Welch Named Opera Edwardsville’s First Artist-In-Residence


Blackburn's music professor, Doctor Joseph Welch, playing the piano at the Opera Edwardsville.
By Office of Marketing & Public Relations
On May 18, 2022

Announced on Opera Edwardsville’s website: Opera Edwardsville is proud to recognize the incredible talent and contribution of pianist Dr. Joseph Welch through the creation of a new role within the organization. Joseph has been named the company’s first Artist-in-Residence, a designation that includes involvement within all 2022 season events and acknowledges OE’s deep appreciation for the talent and expertise that Joseph brings to performances and rehearsals. OE’s ability to welcome world-class singers to Edwardsville is possible knowing that performances will be in collaboration with a pianist of Joseph’s caliber. Read more at Opera Edwardsville.

Dr. Welch is a visiting professor of music in Blackburn’s Department of Music & Theatre.