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Blackburn CompSci provides an ACM-compliant curriculum in a setting that encourages both individual growth and teamwork. The Professors are accessible, well-prepared teachers of their discipline, committed to encouraging and expecting the best from each student.

Computer Science majors learn how to take complex and multi-faceted problems, modularize them, design and build correct and targeted solutions, and make the results accessible to users.

You will learn how to dream it, design it, build it, test it, and explain it. 

The creative buzz from that process is like no other. You will achieve a deep understanding that is the reward for the hours of work you spent to get it right.

Computer science is all about three things: algorithms, hardware, and information.

After you master the fundamental core of programming, hardware architecture, and information handling, you will be prepared to tackle:

  • Network and Information Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Human-Computer Interaction and Information Visualization
  • Game Design and Programming – including serious games
  • Data Analytics and Data Mining
  • Horizons of Computing: a sampler of what is coming next in computing
  • Senior Seminar: your own signature project (and yes, you will be ready for it)

Students often take internships or summer lab placements; some find relevant summer jobs. Faculty may also run a research experience in the summer, which students can join. The Work Program summer jobs on campus provide for room and board and a small stipend. Occasionally, regional conferences are available for student presentations.

Computer Science Majors/Minors

  • Computer Science Major/Minor
  • Game Design Track Major
  • Information Systems Minor

Work Program Connections

Blackburn connects your classroom knowledge with career-specific skills, insight, experiences, and connections — everything you need for a successful career launch. In the Work Program, Computer Science students can gain valuable experience with a position in Technology Services, in the Academics department, or using their design skills in Marketing & Public Relations. Our Work Program provides students an opportunity to:

  • Grow and gain experience in the workforce
  • Work in positions that support their area of academic interest
  • Be a contributing member of the community
Work Program