Three Blackburn students dissecting rats at the Mahan Science Building.


Pre-Med & Other Health Professions Apply For Free

Students with strong interests in the sciences, interacting regularly with the public, and in community service are encouraged to consider careers in the health professions. A career in a health profession offers a chance to make a significant difference in the communities where one serves. These professions are very likely to remain a vital element in our society. Thus, most health professions offer great job security and middle to high incomes.

Students majoring in Biology and choosing the Pre-Med and Other Health Professions Track enter a highly competitive environment. Most professional programs are very competitive, requiring exceptionally high GPAs, leadership experience, a record of personal integrity and professionalism, community service, and extensive shadowing of professionals practicing the chosen medical field.

Blackburn College prepares students for future post-graduate programs by providing a variety of required courses and leadership experience. In addition to required coursework, students are counseled to gain additional experience during their time here, largely directed by the health profession of their choice.

Students will take courses such as:

  • Human Nutrition
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Chemistry
  • Immunology
  • Genetics

Programs Include:

  • Pre-Med & Other Health Professions Major
  • Environmental Biology Major
  • General Biology Major / Minor
  • Molecular Biology Major
  • Medical Laboratory Science Major
  • Psychology Minor

Work Program Connections

Blackburn connects your classroom knowledge with career-specific skills, insight, experiences, and connections — everything you need for a successful career launch. Our Work Program provides students an opportunity to:

  • Grow and gain experience in the workforce
  • Work in positions that support their area of academic interest
  • Be a contributing member of the community
Work Program