Blackburn student actor performing on stage at the Bothwell Auditorium. Four other student actors can be seen in the background. All of the actors are wearing medieval clothes. HELP

Major, Minor

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Theatre opens the way to a future in design, tech, performance, directing, playwriting or artistic administration. A degree in Theatre also is highly desirable in fields such as the film industry.

As a Theatre Major at Blackburn you will be equipped with the tools for a long lasting career in theatre. You will leave our program knowing how to navigate the professional world and leave behind a strong community that will continue to be there for you.

You will receive individualized attention to create your pathway through the major to fit your professional goals.You will be given countless opportunities to work both onstage and offstage. Productions consist of classic, contemporary and new play development work. Students are encouraged to create and produce their own shows to engage in the community.

Students will take courses such as:

  • Directing and Playwriting
  • Theatrical Improvisation
  • Stagecraft
  • Acting

Programs Include

  • Theatre (major, minor)
  • Music – Voice Specialty Track (major)
  • Music – Piano Specialty Track (major)
  • Music (minor)

Work Program Connections

Blackburn connects your classroom knowledge with career-specific skills, insight, experiences, and connections — everything you need for a successful career launch. Our Work Program provides students an opportunity to:

  • Grow and gain experience in the workforce
  • Work in positions that support their area of academic interest
  • Be a contributing member of the community
Work Program