Close-up of the entrance to the bat house here at Blackburn.


Bat Program

Our Mission

The bat program provides students with new research opportunities through bat detectors & acoustics, along with a live stream for the public to bring positive bat recognition and White Nose Syndrome awareness. While also growing closer ties with the community in ways we never have before. We want to inform the public about topics that are normally overlooked and overemphasized.

Our History

Created in March 2021, and still growing the Blackburn Bat Program has been working with other conservationists and bat groups in order to better understand needed research initiatives in our area.

With the insight of wildlife conservationists, community members, and Blackburn College representatives. The Blackburn Bat Program was built to create opportunity for students with the mindset of conservation, sustainability, and the overall goal to make the world better.

These initiatives start with working together with other groups to raise awareness of White Nose Syndrome, and to change the idea of bats being ‘bad, evil, bloodsuckers that carry rabies’.