Bible Study


Bible Study Club is a group where anyone can come to grow closer to God and other group members. This group is for people around campus that have the same beliefs to come together! They read through the Bible, watch sermons, worship together, share testimonies, and just have fun. Due to Covid restrictions, they have been limited but they plan on eventually starting an after school program for kids to be able to come to Blackburn to do homework, learn about Jesus, and play games. They also have plans to take more trips to go to concerts, different churches, and other colleges to see how their bible study is run.

Bible Study Club currently meets three times a week; Sunday night at 8pm outside of Jaenke, Wednesday night at 8pm outside of Jaenke, and Thursdays at 5pm inside Ding. For more information or to get involved, contact Robert Dunn or 515-571-6542.

Ultimately I want this group to get a better understanding of the Bible and further our relationship with God and for every member in the group to become friends and grow closer to each other.

Robert Dunn