CKI is a volunteer club on the collegiate level with clubs around the country that helps the community in areas of need, like at a food pantry or a pet shelter. They don’t just host volunteer events on campus or in the community, they also have social events to bring themselves together as a group! Every year in February, they host the Crush 4 Crush event where people are able to send their friends or partner a note and a can of Crush soda! The proceeds from this fundraiser go to the WASH campaign which provides water sanitation and education to countries like Haiti. CKI is a great way to make friends and make a difference with the rewarding volunteer work they do!

CKI is currently not meeting regularly so those who are interested in joining should contact Club President Cecilia Nassar and ask to be added to the club’s Google Classroom to receive important updates!

The club is going through a time of transition so we’re really excited to share our new changes with the campus; we are steering away from the more formal structure we’ve operated on in the past and trying to be more flexible, accessible, and welcoming to students on campus.

Emma Hall