Dance Club

Music and Theatre

Dance Club is a group that meets twice a week to just have fun dancing. They post videos on TikTok (@blackburndanceclub) and learn a variety of dances online and also from different members of the group! They are planning a Just Dance night, TikTok challenges event, and a tutorial night for anyone who wants to learn. Dance Club is a stress free way to have workout buddies that all have a passion for dance and there is no dancing experience required to join!

Dance Club meets on Wednesday and Sunday nights 7-8 PM in the Fitness Center and MaryAnn Harp’s studio respectively. For more information and to become involved, contact Kelsey Farris

I think people should join Dance Club to have someone to work out and have fun with. Dancing doesn’t seem like an exercise because we all have fun doing it. A lot of students on campus don’t want to go to the gym by themselves so I feel that Dance Club is the perfect option,

Katie Nix