Spanish Club

Modern Languages

Spanish Club is an informal group of people getting together once a month to have fun and get to know each other through their backgrounds. They try to provide a space where students can share their own culture, and learn about the cultures of others! They have had bonfires outside of Jewell, cookie decorating parties in Rahme, and they did a trivia night in DCC earlier this year. They all work together to decide what event they want to put on next! There is no required number of meetings people have to attend and no list of members. The main goal of the club is just to get together and have fun!

There is no formal list of members for the club so to become involved, you can simply just come to any events that interest you. To get on the emailing list for this club, contact Rachel Huddleston.

People should join this club to make more friends on campus, learn more about their peers and the culture of Spanish speaking countries, and to overall just get together and have a good time,

Rachel Huddleston