Sustainability Club

Biology, Sustainability

Sustainability Club is a group on campus focused on educating people on campus and in the community about sustainable practices. They put on events such as plant sales, highway pickup, and campus garbage pickup to better our community in a fun, easy-to-participate-in way! Not only that, they’re leaning towards having more student-led  meetings as well to better educate about sustainability. Their first highway trash pickup of the year is October 16th from 8am-12pm so be sure to mark your calendars! 

Sustainability Club currently meets every other Tuesday at 7pm in the Jaenke Alumni Center. Students wanting to become involved can scan the QR code outside of the Work Office or contact Kaleb Mitchum to receive additional information.

My favorite part about Sustainability Club is that the people that are involved care, they want to do things to make the world a better place,

Lexi Hoffman