Admissions Requirements

  • Completed high school and no longer receiving support from the public education system.
  • Documented disability diagnosis of intellectual disability.
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate reliably with staff, faculty, and mentors.
  • If living in the dorm, demonstrate an ability to live independently and take care of daily functioning and basic support needs (e.g., toileting, hygiene, feeding, etc.)
  • Express desire and motivation to complete a postsecondary education program.
  • Express desire and motivation to work 10 hours per week at a campus job.
  • Express desire to attain a job in an inclusive employment setting upon completing the program.
  • Demonstrate active participation throughout the application and interview process.
  • Demonstrate sufficient emotional and independent stability to participate in all aspects of the Blackburn and Beyond coursework and campus environment.
  • Have proof of health insurance.
  • Must be able to independently self-administer and manage medication and specialized dietary needs.
  • Demonstrate the ability to navigate campus safely.

Required Materials for Application

  • Completed Blackburn and Beyond application.
  • Letter of reference and completed reference forms.
  • Interview (In-person or Virtual).
  • Most recent transcript.
  • Two most recent IEP’s.
  • Psychological evaluation completed within adolescence.