Walk the Lines – Project 1837 and 1913

The founding of Blackburn College in 1837 is the basis for the first line stop in the virtual race for fitness, fun and personal challenges…a one-year journey to run or walk 1,837 miles.

The year that established Blackburn College’s most unique identifier…the Student Managed Work Program. The second line stop consists of a year-long goal to run or walk 1,913 miles.

Use our custom hashtag #BCProject 1837 to document your year-long journey on social media.

Rules and Regulations

  • Entry is $20.00 (covers t-shirt and participant medal). All participants must be individually registered. Participants do not need to be alumni or associated with the college. 
  • Event participants can participate solo, or in teams of up to (not to exceed) four total. Each team should have a team name and designated captain. Teams have to register for the same line stop…Project 1837 (1,837 miles) or 1913 (1,913 miles). 
  • This event will run from November 25, 2022, and conclude on November 23, 2023. 
  • Mileage submissions will be the responsibility of team captains or solo participants via a Google document, weekly updates are due at 11:59 pm on Saturday night.  
  • Questions can be directed to the team captain or Angie Morenz.
  • Progress of teams will be posted via the Project 1837 Facebook page.